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Future Grade builds custom, all-in-one live streaming systems to simplify the complex, and give our clients the ability to go live as soon as they flip the switch. These products are packed full of robust, custom-client-fitted technology and functionality, with easy to use form factor and control surfaces.


StudioNode Mini

remote live streaming +
broadcast camera travel kit

Elevate your live streaming capabilities with the the StudioNode Mini – a compact powerhouse designed for cinematic remote live stream integration. Wherever you go, maintain industry-leading coverage and engage your audience with seamless live content. This portable solution fits snugly into a single carry-on case, offering flexibility and convenience like never before. Whether you’re bringing talent in over SRT or broadcasting your own live feed, the StudioNode Mini ensures exceptional quality and control from anywhere.

  • Compact Custom Design: Crafted for carry-on convenience, this kit houses a full-scale production infrastructure.
  • Flexible Video Encoding: Encode 1080p live video over RTMP, SRT, and more for versatile streaming options.
  • High-Resolution Ingest: Capture content in 4K and 1080p, directly to card and iso recorder.
  • Remote Control: Empower producers to control settings remotely, from camera adjustments to recording.
  • Constant Connectivity: Custom cellular bonded modem and router keep you always “on” remotely.
  • Integrated Computer and Monitor: Observe your feed and conduct remote video interviews effortlessly.
  • Superior Audio Capture: Capture high-fidelity audio with built-in microphone and optional Lav.
  • Plug-and-Play Ease: Simple setup – just plug in and you’re ready to create.
  • Custom Software Integration: Pre-configured applications tailored to your needs, with customization options.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls: Pre-configured touch pad for easy recording and remote talent actions.

Product Features

Unleash Portable Live Streaming Excellence
StudioNode (49)


Tailor Your Streaming Solution

Designed to redefine professional audio-visual setups for influencers, athletes, and content creators, this advanced solution amplifies your production capabilities. These comprehensive suite of essential components like IP-operable cameras, Dante audio systems, video encoders elevate your production prowess with multi-camera capabilities and create captivating live streams and broadcasts like never before.



Tailor Your Streaming Solution
  • Multi-Camera Powerhouse: Ability to add upto 4 cameras with all the functionalities of StudioNode mini.
  • Advanced Video Switching: 1 M/E with 4 inputs and 4 outputs.
  • Audio Mastery: 12-channel audio mixer, preamp, compressor cloud-lifter, all IP and software controlled.
  • Capture and Backup: ISO camera captures and line cut with cloud sync and footage backup.
  • Streaming Brilliance: Dedicated hardware for 4K encoding via SRT, RTMP, and RTSP for seamless streaming to all social platforms like Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Vimeo, Grabyo and more.
  • Unified Control: M2 Mac Mini with control surface for custom programming, making control a breeze.
  • Effortless Archiving: 16TB NAS for everyday video archiving, ensuring your content is securely stored.


  • Ultimate Versatility: Upto 2 M/E switcher and router can handle up to 20 video inputs and outputs for dynamic production flexibility.
  • Personalized Branding: Showcase your brand with customized overlays and graphics.
  • Complete Audio Setup: Upto 32-channel audio mixer, Studio microphones, preamp, and compressor, all effortlessly controlled.
  • Capture Mastery: Individual camera ISO and PG line cut with automatic cloud sync for enhanced backup.
  • Advanced Encoding: Dedicated hardware for 4K encoding via SRT, RTMP, and RTSP for pristine streaming.
  • Enhanced Lighting: DMX-controlled lights in bicolor or RGB, seamlessly integrated and IP controlled.
  • Integrated Control: Custom remote control options that align with your production preferences.
  • Robust Archiving: Upto 32TB NAS for comprehensive video archiving, ensuring your content is secure.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Opt for cellular bonding or Starlink options for seamless remote operation.
  • Streamlined Setup: Tailor presets and configurations for effortless setup and operation.

Custom Builds

custom fitted systems and solutions

A custom-built flypack that pushes the boundaries of portable streaming. Meticulously designed to meet your unique needs, this advanced solution boasts the capability to manage up to 20 video inputs and outputs, combined with multichannel audio capacity of up to 16 channels. Crafted to perfection, these custom builds seamlessly integrates UltraHD, HDMI, SDI, NDI, and POE connections, delivering an all-inclusive solution for your streaming and broadcasting demands.

Why use Future Grade Live Products?

advancing our client's content, workflow, brand development & revenue streams

Your Content, Our Innovation

At Future Grade Technologies, we understand that your live feed is your representation in the digital world. Our nodes are meticulously crafted to yield cinema-quality, broadcast-ready live imagery. Whether you're streaming from a studio or the comfort of your home, our solutions ensure your brand shines through in every pixel.

Our Collective Voyage

For those who have embarked on the journey of building a professional broadcast setup, the unending work and steep learning curve are well-known challenges. The pitfalls of single points of failure crashing entire systems are equally familiar. We've channeled this experience into developing our Live Production Studio Nodes, designed to solve these glaring problems.

Simplifying the Complexity

Modern live production often involves intricate workflows, specialized software, and custom strategies. Years of research, learning, and collaboration with top production houses and studios have led us to a profound realization – we can simplify this complexity. We've seen creators invest years in slowly learning and building their kits. We're here to give you that precious time back.

Unparalleled Expertise Within Reach

Our Live Production Studio Nodes put the tools we've crafted for top names and networks in live production directly into your hands. No more struggles, no more wasted time. We've harnessed years of excellence, proprietary workflows, and innovative assemblies to empower your content creation journey.

Ready to take your production to the next level?
Order now and experience the transformation that Future Grade Technologies brings to your content creation journey. Your content, our legacy of excellence.


power your productions with powerful, robust systems, made simple.

Industry Specific Setups

Influencer Rack

Custom-built live streaming solution for content creators and influencers.

Gamers Rack

Portable hardware for seamless streaming of gaming experience with multiple streams at once.

Multicam NDI Rack

Plug-and-play simplicity with NDI IP video protocol for events, live performances, and churches.

Podcast Rack

Designed for video podcasts with virtual guests, multicam setup, and streaming to multiple platforms.

Mini Multi-Camera Studio Flypack

Flight-ready system with FHD, HDMI, SDI, NDI, and POE connections for portable production.

Broadcast Rack

Professional live production solution with 2ME video switcher, 4K streaming, and custom network setup for Dante and NDI

Endless Integrations

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