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Your all-in-one, portable, remotely controllabLE, 5G + SRT ENABLED, cinema GRADE LIVE BROADCAST kit

An entire live production & content capture studio, in a single, portable, travel case. Takes minutes to get set up, and lets your team control your content, or bring you live into a broadcast, remotely, from anywhere in the world.  Fully customizable to your specific content + production needs.


A live production crew, cinematic podcast studio, and 5G enabled computing hotspot, in the size of a carry on.

The Studio Node Mini provides a complete video production experience in a compact and portable package. It features a built-in 4K cinema camera, audio, lighting, recording, and streaming capabilities, making it the ultimate all-in-one device for content creators who need to stream on the go. Personalize and customize your StudioNode mini, and use it forever.

Producers and operators can take full remote control of the Studio Node mini and perform remote production (REMI) from anywhere around the world by connecting to the secured Future Grade’s VPN network.

The StudioNode Mini provides a complete video production experience in a compact and portable package. It features a built-in 4K cinema camera, audio, lighting, recording, and streaming capabilities, making it the ultimate all-in-one device for content creators who need to stream on the go. Personalize and customize your StudioNode, and use it forever.

Studio Node Product Features

Diverse Range of Features Integrated into the kit

Full Frame 4K Camera

Remotely operable, ESPN / Netflix approved cinema grade optics + lenses.

◉ Resolution: Up to 6k 24p with a wide array of recording modes.
◉ Sensor: 24.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor w/ Dual Native ISO
◉ Lens Compatibility: Interchangeable lens system with L mount, EF, and more.

StudioNode IO ports 01

I/O Ports

Easy access to Audio, Video, Network, and USB ports to either side of the case.

◉ Video Output Ports: 1xSDI OUT up to 4k 60 fps and 1 x HDMI for Computer 2nd monitor
◉ Audio: 2-channel XLR adapter and 3.5mm headphone jack
◉ Ethernet: 1x WAN Port for wired connection and 1x LAN port
◉ USB: 2xUSB 3.0 integrated with the computer

High-Fidelity Microphone & IFB

Dynamic vocal microphones for broadcasting, professional podcasts or critical studio recordings

◉ Microphone Type: A podcast style cardioid microphone
◉ Frequency Response: Exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech
◉ In-Ear Monitoring: Clear IFB for real-time communication with the producer, operator, and director.

Video Encoding

High-bitrate simulcast video encoder

◉ Streaming Protocol: RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, SMPTE, and RTSP
◉ Latency: Low-latency streaming for real-time interaction
◉ Platform Compatibility: Integration with major streaming platforms like YouTube, twitch, Facebook Live and custom RTMP

LED Camera Lighting

Studio Grade key lighting with Bicolor and Brightness Control

◉ Light Type: Industrial OSRAM LEDS with Full Spectrum White
◉ Color Temperature: Adjustable bicolor 2900K – 7000K color range
◉Brightness Control: Upto 800 lumens. Stepless dimming for precise illumination control using onboard and app control

Remote Access and Control

REMI Production using the Future Grade’s Proprietary Workflows & Apps

◉ The Studio Node contains workflows and software that are bespoke to our production products and systems.
◉ Simplified user experiences, with unique integrations and functionality to enhance your content
◉ The fact that they are “nodes”, also allows FG Technicians to remotely support our clients, push new updates, and manage your network.

Durable Carry On Travel Case

Fully consolidated and compact case for trouble-free travel

◉ Dimensions: Designed to comply with TSA carry-on regulations (22"x14"x9")
◉ Material: Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin suitable for all weather conditions

Cellular Powered Internet

Zero downtime with the bonded networking

◉ Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, and Cellular modem with 4G/5G support with Bonded network
◉ Data Plans: Compatible with popular cellular carriers.
◉ Antennas: High-gain antennas for improved signal reception

Built-in Computing + Peripherals

A pre-configured and custom integrated Mac OS computer expands your production capabilities

◉ Hardware: M2 Mac mini
◉ Software License: All necessary live production software is pre-installed and integrated with the hardware
◉ Display: 15.6” FHD touch monitor
◉ Audio: Bluetooth earbuds or clear IFB


Video Call Integration

Host Your Own Multi-Guest Show, or Patch Your Feed into a Live Broadcast

◉ Dedicated + Independent USB video ingest brings your video feed directly into the computing and encoding systems.
◉ Compatible with any video call software like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, etc.
◉ Integrate yourself into a live broadcast over SRT or SMPTE (add on).
◉ Integration: Camera video and audio are integrated into the video call for real-time interactions

AI-Powered Audio and Video Integration

As engineers, developers and avid users of AI, Future Grade brings all of our favorite AI powered audio and video tools to the Studio Node, available to add and integrate to improve and enhance your content and workflow.

◉ Noise cancellation and audio de-reverb.
◉ Video enhancements, editing, and mixed reality filters (available by request)
◉ AI dashboard with all available tools for integration + support


LED Tracking Lighting + addons

Make your Studio Node a part of your on camera persona with RGB track lighting and custom aesthetic designs.

◉ RGB LED Lights with remote control
◉ Tripod mounting system and retractable legs for case (optional)
◉ Added mounting cheese plates + mounts for adding your iPhone, additional cameras, and more.

Real-Time Video Clipping and Publishing

Instantly clip, edit, and share live broadcast moments

◉ Effortlessly generate and distribute clips within seconds to maximize engagement.
◉ Craft live highlight packages and engaging social videos on the fly.
◉ Integrations with all major social media platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitch.
◉ Simplified Media Asset Management with customizable editing presets

Fully customizable to your needs and content.

We consult with each and every client to understand your use case, content, and workflow.

We also offer the opportunity to customize your Studio Node to your exact needs, along with off the shelf enhancements and upgrades.

We ensure your Studio Node will be your go-to device for many years to come, and the best investment you've ever made into your own content.

Studio Node Mini Spec sheet

deepdive into the robust fearture set

Build your own live production and content network using Future Grade Studio Nodes

Future Grade has ability to bring all of your Studio Nodes onto a single, centralized network, where you can monitor, control and capture all of your content and creators from a single location, on a single, secured network.

Unlocking the Potential: Studio Node Impresses Panasonic and Lumix

The Studio Node has garnered widespread acclaim as an exceptional tool, capturing the attention of industry giants Panasonic and Lumix. Check out this feature of the Studio Node on Lumix's blog post

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