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Experience the apex of audio with Future Grade’s custom-built podcast + radio suites. Equipped with the latest technology, our studios enable precision, clarity, and a polished production that reverberates excellence. This studio can be controlled and accessed remotely, with the ability to feed audio directly to radio stations over Comrex and IP.

Revolutionizing Podcasting

At Future Grade, we take pride in our diverse range of projects and products, including our latest achievement: a brand new, state-of-the-art podcast studio for the esteemed Bill Handel and KFI. This cutting-edge studio allows for remote control and access, enabling the direct transmission of audio to radio stations through Comrex and IP technologies.

The Transition of Remote Studio

The Bill Handel Show faced the challenge of elevating its podcasting and radio production quality, specifically in the transition from its remote studio to the iHeartRadio broadcast center. The aim was to achieve seamless communication, optimal performance, and a disturbance-free environment while maintaining the studio’s high standards and performance. Our team implemented state-of-the-art and innovative solutions to overcome these challenges and enhance the overall broadcasting experience.

Bridging the gap between remote studio and broadcast centers

Seamless Transition: Ensuring a smooth shift from the remote studio to the iHeartRadio broadcast center for a consistent and high-quality broadcast.

Clear Communication: Vital for live podcasts, maintaining smooth communication between the remote studio, engineers, and the broadcast center.

Optimized Performance: Enhancing the studio’s technology and acoustics for top-notch audio production.

Reliable Streaming: Overcoming the challenge of a reliable and fast internet connection for seamless streaming to iHeartRadio.

Disturbance-Free Excellence: Creating an environment free from external disturbances to maintain the studio’s standard.


A Closer Look at the Cutting-Edge Features Redefining The Bill Handel Show Podcast Studio

All-in-One Audio Rack

Our pre-configured audio rack is tailor-made for The Bill Handel Show, equipped with proprietary Future Grade software and workflows to meet the unique needs of the show. Seamlessly integrated for optimal performance.


Powered by the Comrex, the studio ensures ultra-low latency for real-time audio transmission and reception. This cutting-edge system ensures that every spoken word and subtle nuance is transmitted with minimal delay, maintaining the natural flow of conversation.

Remote Talk-Back Channels

Facilitating communication between engineers, producers, and guests during live podcasts is seamless with multiple remote talk-back channels. Our setup allows to stay in control and maintain clear communication throughout the show.

Dial-In System

The studio features a dial-in system, enabling guests to call in and participate in the show remotely. Gives the ability to connect with ease and bring remote callers into the show

Network Installation

Dedicated, reliable, and fast internet connection, ensuring seamless streaming to radio stations. Our dedicated network installation guarantees a stable connection for optimal audio quality.

Studio acoustic

Immerse yourself in a highly treated live recording environment with expert-installed soundproofing. An environment free from any ambient or unwanted noises, allowing for an exclusive focus on achieving the pinnacle of audio production quality.

High-Fidelity Microphones

Capture every nuance with our high-fidelity microphones, delivering studio-quality sound for the show. Elevating the listening experience with crystal-clear audio, we integrate the apt microphones to ensure every word resonates with unparalleled clarity and richness.

Audio Interface

The studio is integrated with 16-channel digital audio interface, providing ample options for recording and mixing.


Enhancing The Bill Handel Show's Remote Streaming Journey through Synergized Solutions

Bridging the gap between remote studio and broadcast centers

The implementation of these solutions resulted in a seamless transition process, enabling The Bill Handel Show to maintain its high standards and performance during remote streaming to the iHeartRadio broadcast center. The robust internet infrastructure, along with optimized studio configurations, advanced transmission technology, and acoustic treatments, collectively contributed to a broadcast experience that exceeded expectations.

Featured Technology Partners

Our partners include the foremost leaders within audio engineering, acoustics and and networking technology, offering our clients the most advanced and reliable technological solutions available (and exclusive Future Grade product lines).


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