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A Future Grade Broadcast & Content Studio Build

State of the art, 4k Live streaming, remote broadcast & content studio,
custom built for THE BRAND NEW Jim rome SHOW.

Future Grade Builds New 4K Studio for The Jim Rome Show

Range Media Partners called upon Future Grade to develop a state-of-the-art studio for the next evolution of “The Jim Rome Show”.  From 4K infrastructure, video switcher configuration, to network and audio buildouts, Future Grade provided their 360 degree studio buildout strategy, with complete AVL system integrations for this epic new studio and show in Southern California.

The Jim Rome Show, hosted by renowned sports talk legend Jim Rome, is America’s longest-running, nationally syndicated sports talk program, historically broadcasted on CBS Radio.  Seizing evolving media consumption trends, the show embarked on a transition to a digital landscape, beginning as featured programming on the app X.com, extending its reach on a global scale.

Evolved Production Tools for the Digital Era


Future Grade took on the task of rebuilding, retrofitting & upgrading the Jim Rome Show studio infrastructure.  Built to simulcast to both CBS Radio and X, the studio has been built with a 4K workflow, featuring a brand new control room, fully integrated with Future Grade’s automated tools, remote control functionality and our signature all in one products.  The encoding & network setup entailed a comprehensive reverse-engineering process, requiring meticulous planning and innovative engineering solutions.  High Level Services Include:

◉ Technical & Creative Strategy with detailed Studio Schemata, Routing & Creative Development

◉ Integrating 4K Video & Live Switching Infrastructure

◉ All In One, Pre-Programmed Functionality Racks for Realtime Social Clipping, Content Ingest, Zoom Call-ins, Graphics, and more.

◉ Remote Studio Control and Access

◉ Crew Training, Remote Support, Persistent Upgrading, and many more.


Unveiling the Robust Technical Arsenal Behind The JIM ROME Show

Dolly and Rail Camera System

Optimizing Broadcast Quality with Advanced Camera Movement Systems

Robo Camera: Studio equipped with five PTZ cameras

◉ Advanced Zoom and Stabilization: Cameras feature 20x optical zoom and optical image stabilization, with pan and tilt capabilities.

◉ Rail Cam: Includes a 35-foot ceiling-mounted track system for enhanced movement and flexibility.

◉ Remote Control Capabilities: Cameras are remotely controlled via IP, allowing for custom presets and automated movements.

◉ Smooth On-Air Transitions: Designed for seamless, on-air camera transitions and movements.

4K Video Switching and Routing

Seamless Integration for Ultra-High Definition Production

Versatile Connectivity: Offers mixed format connectivity with 4K SDI and 4K HDMI inputs and outputs.

◉ High-Performance Switching: Features low latency and clean switching capabilities for smooth transitions.

◉ Advanced Control Systems: Equipped with a remote control panel and a touch interface for intuitive operation.

◉ Integrated Processing: Comes integrated with built-in signal processing and an audio mixer for enhanced audiovisual management.

◉ Enhanced Production Tools: Powered with 4 full M/E banks and multiviewers for comprehensive monitoring and control.

◉ Centralized Management: Includes central control and tie-line management to streamline workflow and enhance efficiency.

Reducing Staff Needs with Optimized Control

Advanced Interface Design for Streamlined Broadcast Management

Ergonomic Design: Tailored for precision, comfort, and ensuring productivity during long broadcasts.

◉ Control Panel: Single-touch execution of complex sequences simplifies the workflow.

◉ Programmable Buttons: Intuitive navigation speeds up operations and minimizes errors.

◉ Custom programming: Streamlines macros and salvo functions, crucial for rapid response during live production.

◉ Real-Time Feedback: Enables immediate adjustments and one-touch tactile operation

Audio Routing and Mixing

Audio over IP powered by Dante

Audio over IP Standards: Conforms to SMPTE 2010 and includes Dante/AES67 input and output options for versatile connectivity.

◉ High-Density Audio Routing: Features a high-density audio router with built-in processing, EQ, and automatic gain control (AGC) to enhance audio quality.

◉ Professional Microphone Setup: The studio is equipped with high-fidelity wired and wireless microphones for superior sound capture.

◉ IFB Master Control: Integrated IFB master control enables efficient producer and talent communication via talkback.

◉ Independent Talkback: Facilitates direct communication with remote callers through independent talkback capabilities.

Next-gen Web-based Graphics Operation

Boosting Viewer Engagement and Sponsorship to the next level

Interactive Tools: Multi-screen outputs, Twitter polls, and live tweet displays to enrich viewer and fan engagement.

◉ Sponsorship Integration: Integration of QR codes in broadcasts for immediate viewer interaction with sponsors, enhancing engagement and value.

◉ Real-time Data Utilization: Seamlessly incorporated sports data, keeping content informative and for sports analysis.

◉ Web Management: WEB GUI control of graphic operations, ensuring consistent broadcast quality from any location.

◉ Graphic Package: Preloaded with sports graphics with visual and Transition logic.

Robust Network Infrastructure

Tailored AV Over IP Solutions for Broadcast Excellence

Gigabit Fiber Network: Dedicated fiber installation for high-speed, reliable connectivity.

◉ Dual Router Setup: Ensures network redundancy and seamless failover.

◉ Secure Connections: Integrated firewall and VPN for protected remote production.

◉ Custom AVoIP Design: Network infrastructure specifically designed for AV over IP.

◉ VLAN Configurations: Segmented traffic for audio, video, control, and streaming.

◉ Certified Peripherals: AV-over-IP optimized peripherals for broadcast studios.

Multi-channel live streaming

Expanding Reach with Advanced Streaming Technology

Failsafe Streaming: Features four live encoders for reliable operation to x.com and FAST channels

◉ Optimal Compression: Utilizes HEVC and AVC compression methods to maximize bandwidth efficiency.

◉ High-Quality Video: Supports ultra-low latency streaming up to 4K 60 HDR.

◉ Multiple Protocols: Compatible with various streaming protocols including SRT, MPEG-TS, RTMP, and more.

◉ Simultaneous Distribution: Allows streaming to multiple destinations at once.

◉ Centralized Control: Streamlined management with centralized IP control for all streaming activities.

Video Call Integration in Live Production

Seamlessly Incorporating Remote Talents into Broadcasts

Custom Multi-Caller Setup: Configured with Zoom for up to five individual guest

◉ Individual Audio Mixes: Provides custom mix-minus audio settings for each remote guest to prevent echo and feedback issues.

◉ Enhanced Communication: Includes talk-back functionality, allowing direct communication between the producer and remote guests.

◉ Dedicated Integration System: Features a custom-designed PC specifically built to manage and integrate multiple video callers smoothly within a single system.

Media Asset Management

Efficient Organization and Accessibility of Digital Assets from Anywhere

Robust Storage Solutions: Equipped with 64TB SSD NAS storage featuring RAID configurations for enhanced data reliability and speed.

◉ High-Speed Data Transfer: Offers 10Gbps upload and download capabilities, facilitating quick uploads for real-time 4K recording.

◉ Cloud-Based Server Infrastructure: Utilizes a streamlined private cloud-based server for secure and efficient digital asset management.

◉ Seamless Content Sharing: Enables quick and easy sharing of content both within and outside the network, optimizing collaborative workflows.

Social Media Clipping and Posting

Streamline Real-Time Video Creation and Sharing

Live Clipping and Editing: Instantly clip and edit live or recorded content for immediate use.

◉ Software Integration: Seamlessly access clips with industry-standard editing software like Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve.

◉ Customizable Content: Ability to add text, overlays, CC, and adjust aspect ratios specifically for social media.

◉ Automated Presets: Utilizes automated presets for quick and efficient content deployment.

◉ Simultaneous Publishing: Enables publishing content across multiple social media platforms simultaneously, maximizing reach and engagement.

Media Playback System and IMAG Control

Optimizing Visual Displays with Precision Playback Control

Multi-Channel Playback: Custom workflow utilizing a single PC for efficient multi-channel video management.

◉ 4K Video Capability: Supports 4K resolution for crystal-clear video playback on large screens.

◉ Playlist Integration: Streamlining the playback operation with integrated playlists, ensuring smooth transitions and scheduling.

◉ Custom Control Surface: Specially designed control interface for precise management of playback and video menus.

◉ Video Wall Management: Provides comprehensive control over IMAG functionality to enhance live visuals on large displays, optimizing audience engagement.

Advanced Teleprompter Setup for Efficient Broadcasting

Control and Integration for Broadcast grade Prompting

Intelligent Software Integration: Connects seamlessly with software for real-time monitoring, updates, and remote control.

◉ Dual 4K Outputs: Delivers high-definition prompting video to traditional monitors, ensuring clarity and reliability.

◉ Power over Ethernet: Powers scroll controls via PoE, streamlining setups with fewer cables.

◉ IP-Based Control: Features centralized control over all studio teleprompters via a dedicated IP controller, enhancing operational efficiency.



Future Grade
Project Team

Executive Producer:  Austin James Smith

Technical Operations Manager:  Vignesh Mohanraj

Lead Engineer: Deepak Premkumar

Video & Sound Engineer:  Chris Heck

Broadcast Engineer: Nick Oliver

Video Engineer:  Brad Cullins

Broadcast Consultant: Petro Mnych

Special thanks to Kraig Kitchin, Joe Kroll, Range Media, and Jim Rome.

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