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We constructed a cutting-edge mega studio that boasts, 26 cameras, 4K resolution and a remote multi-camera fly pack specifically for The Pat McAfee show. The studio is also built with integration capabilities that allow for seamless connections to major sports networks, simplifying and enhancing the modern live streaming workflow.

Pat McAfee Thunderdome Studio

The Thunderdome is a cutting-edge mega 4K multi-camera live production studio that was designed and integrated by our team of expert engineers.

The studio is equipped with 26 4K PTZ/ROBO cameras that are fully controlled via IP, providing crystal-clear and dynamic visuals for their content. Additionally, all the audio is routed via Dante network, ensuring that the sound quality is top-notch with ZERO latency.

Our engineers were able to design the studio to facilitate remote operation, giving the Pat McAfee Show team the ability to continue producing high-quality content even when they’re away from the studio. With 24/7 remote support from our team, the show can continue to run smoothly and without any technical difficulties.


Revolutionizing 4K Live StreaminG. Unleash the Power of Seamless Integration and Unparalleled Visuals with Our Cutting-Edge Studio

4K Multi-camera Live Production Studio

The studio was designed as a centralized broadcast hub, and our engineers equipped it with state-of-the-art AV and network infrastructure. The control room was specifically designed to allow for multi camera live production with minimal onsite personnel, which was a key request from the Pat McAfee Show team.

The hybrid REMI(Remote Production) technology not only streamlines the production process but also allows the show to continue broadcasting even when the team is on the road covering various sporting events. This ensures that their content is never interrupted and provides the flexibility that the team needs to operate efficiently from anywhere in the world


Unveiling the Robust Technical Arsenal Behind The Pat McAfee Show

PTZ Camera

Robo camera with precise control

◉ 26 PTZ cameras installed throughout the studio

◉ Up to 4k 60 Fps 12G standard

◉ Powered via PoE++

◉ Remote controlled via IP

◉ 20x Optical Zoom + Optical Image Stabilization with Pan and Tilt control

Rail Cam

Remote Camera Movement with track system

◉ 35feet rail track system

◉ Cinematic camera movements

◉ Single controller operation for dolly, column, and PTZ camera

◉ Fully automated with presets and camera moves

◉ Smooth live camera on-air movement

Video Switching and Routing

Industry standard hyper converged switching and routing platform

◉ 2 x Video switcher and routing system. Primary and Backup setup for redundancy

◉ Mixed format connectivity with 12G SDI, Fiber, and HDMI inputs and outputs

◉ Equipped with remote control panel and touch interface

◉ Advanced Digital Signal Processing 

◉ Central control and tie-line management

Audio Routing and Mixing

64 Channels of audio over IP powered by Dante

◉ 2x 32-channel digital audio mixer with high-performance signal processing

◉ Multiple IP audio stage boxes across the studio

◉ Studio is equipped with high fidelity Wired and Wireless mics

◉ IFB master control for producer and talent talk back

◉ Video call talk back using Dante producer console

Graphics Engine

Real time visual story telling with 12G GFX

◉ UHD/4k enabled graphics engine

◉ 2D and 3D models +Texts

◉ Lower thirds, Sports Tickers, Logo with Animations

◉ Preloaded with sports graphics with visual and Transition logic

Telestration and Video Playback

Sports Graphics Analysis System

◉ Data-driven graphic visualization

◉ Draw live graphics using touch and iPad with built-in tools

◉ Playback options to rewind, fast-forward, play, and pause

◉ Live down and distance feature for American football

◉ Other broad range of effects like movable players, zoom, speed and distance measurements’

Studio Lighting

Omni color ambient with billions of color

◉ DMX controlled lighting

◉ Dynamic color combinations

◉ Custom lighting grid and electrical solutions

◉ Multiple presets for each scene and mapped to DMX controller

◉ Lighting consitency across sets with anti flickering for broadcast

Network Infrastructure

Designed and Integrated specifically for AV over IP

◉ Dual WAN for redundancy with zero down time

◉ Secure firewall & VPN for remote production

◉  Custom-designed network infrastructure for centralized connectivity

◉ PoE++ ethernet switches for powering PTZ cameras, audio equipment, and more

◉ Configurations of VLAN for Audio, Video, control, and streaming

◉ AV-over-IP certified network peripherals for broadcast studio applications.

Encoding and Decoding

Enterprise multichannel system

◉ 4 x Live encoder and decoder for failsafe streaming

◉ HEVC + AVC Compression

◉ Up to 4k 60 HDR Video with ultra low latency

◉ Multiple protocols like SRT, MPEG-TS, RTMP and More

◉ Stream to one or many destination all at once.

◉ IP controlled with centralized management

Video Call Integration

Bring remote talent to live production

◉ Compatible with any video call software like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, etc

◉ Currently configured for 3 individual guests

◉ Custom mix minus for every remote guest

◉ Video call talk back functionality with the producer

Studio Node Flypack

Portable production rack for remote broadcast

◉ Custom 12RU 12G UHD fly pack

◉ Built with 10x10 router, switcher, and streaming encoder

◉ 4 x 4 Dante IFB for in-ear monitoring and Wireless Lav

◉ Fiber and SDI patch panels

◉ Remote control and management

Cloud Production

Create, edit videos, and share clips in real-time to social media platforms.

◉ Live clipping and editing of the show

◉ Add text and overlays and change aspect ratio for social media

◉ Automated presets for quick deploy

◉ Publish in social media across all platforms at a time

Media Asset Management

Organize, access, and optimize digital assets

◉ 300TB NAS storage with RAID configurations

◉ 10GBPS Upload and Download for quick upload of 4k files

◉ Streamlined private cloud-based server

◉Quick and easy content sharin


Since adopting the Thunderdome studio, The Pat McAfee Show has transformed its content, offering a more captivating and refined experience with enhanced visuals and superior sound quality. Collaborating seamlessly with ESPN, a major sports network, has not only broadened their audience but also established them as a prominent force in sports broadcasting.

The Pat McAfee Show’s dedication to high-quality content and innovative technology was recognized when they received the Year-End Awards: Best Sports Audio recognition from the Sports Business Journal.

Moreover, the show’s influence has now created a record breaking viwership, a significant milestone in their journey. This expansion solidifies The Pat McAfee Show’s position as a leading voice in sports media, reaching an even wider audience and continuing to set new standards for engaging and innovative sports content.

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Looking to take your content to the next level? The Pat McAfee Show did just that when they turned to our team to build their cutting-edge mega 4K multi-camera live production studio, Thunderdome.


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